The evolution of the amenities.

We started in 2003 in a small local on the Rambla Sant Andreu, with only 2 classrooms adapted for 12 students in each, a room used for private tuitions and meetinds and a secretary area.

Seeing people relied on us and were satisfied with our work, we decided to move in 2007 into a new place, Plaça Palau Ausit (a few metres away from our first local), where we could create 3 classrooms ready for 15 students (our maximum), a staff room, a small office and a wider secretary area ready to welcome more people in – the students who were waiting to get into their classrooms and those who were leaving. We managed to avoid all the architectonic obstacles to adapt the school to absolutely everybody.

The 2016-17 course has seen another change, a more significant one with a new Nuthiling. A far more spacious school, with 5 wide classrooms full of natural light, all with outside windows to get fresh, renewed air, not mentioning air conditioning, a staff room, an office and a secretary area that allows everyone to be very comfortable once inside. The corridors are wide to avoid “congestions”. Of course, the school is adapted to absolutely everybody: there are no architectonic obstacles, there is a wide entrance ramp which make it possible to get in with a trolley, a push chair or a wheel chair, And despite the fact that there is more space inside the classrooms, we keep the maximum of students to 15 per room. We want an ideal space for all the Nuthiling students to study quietly and comfortably.

The objective of Nuthiling Language School.

Whether it is the management or everybody who works at Nuthiling Language School, we all want to offer a service that is both personalised and individualised to each student, something different from a franchise or a multinational.

Our main goal is to provide an efficient, direct service for our students to learn to communicate in the foreign language they want to learn. And above all, we want them to do so in a good atmosphere, with no stress, with the peace of mind to know that their teacher will be beside them to give them support, but without forgetting the preparation for the official exams.

For this reason, the number of students per group goes from 4 (the minimum required to form a group) to 15 (our top) – in general, the groups are made up of an average of 10 students, and the teachers are all professional specialists of the language they are teaching.

The teachers.

The teachers are all professional and specialists of the language they teach; they studied philology / translation – interpretation, they have a very experience teaching languages whether it is to children or to adults, and they know how to prepare them for official exams.

Nuthiling in 2003

Nuthiling in 2007

Nuthiling in 2016